Reality is a Grape

That’s the title of our new studio LP coming out in the fall of this year. We recorded it all analog at Columbus Discount Records, no digital will be used in the transfer to vinyl. It sounds amazing and we are very happy with the songs. 8 originals and 1 cover clocking in at just over 37 minutes. Initial pressing will be silk screened, and we hope to have them for our shows in the south in September. This is a tight schedule so we can’t guarantee that time frame. If not by then, definitely by October.

This will be a vinyl only release, but we are going to start having a digital download option on the CDR website. Both volumes of the Live 2010 will be one download, we will also offer a download for the new studio LP and possibly a compilation of all of our singles and random tracks. This should be happening around the same time as the new studio LP is released (in the fall).